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4 Parking Ticket Scams to Watch Out For

Parking ticket scams come in two primary forms — city parking officials issuing tickets that they know aren’t valid, and people pretending to be city officials claiming you have an overdue ticket. WinIt can help you avoid both types of scam and keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Here are some of the most common scams that drivers face:

1. Meter maids writing tickets before your meter actually expires.

English: A car with a parking ticket in Tel Aviv
English: A car with a parking ticket in Tel Aviv (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a big one. It’s easy to imagine a busy meter maid standing over your meter, waiting for the time to run out. What’s the big deal if they write the ticket a minute or two before the time actually runs out? The “big deal” is that those tickets aren’t valid. In fact, in New York City you’re entitled to a five minute grace period after your meter expires. So if you get a ticket a few minutes before you’re supposed to, we can help you fight it.

2. Getting ticketed based on parking signs that are hidden.

An Area G parking sign in Berkeley, California.
An Area G parking sign in Berkeley, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can’t reasonably be expected to notice a parking sign hidden behind an overgrown tree or bush. If you get a ticket on a street where the parking signs are difficult to see, you’ve got a valid case for fighting your ticket. The same goes for parking signs that are missing or graffitied in a way that makes them unreadable.

3. Getting ticketed when you were legally loading or unloading your car.

Loading zones are tricky. Sometimes parking officers will claim that you weren’t actively unloading your car because it was sitting unattended in a loading zone. But if you’re dropping something off at a building by yourself, you have to actually go into the building to complete that task. You shouldn’t be punished because you didn’t have someone who could come out to meet you at your car. That’s absurd.

4. Getting an email late notice for a parking ticket you never received.

This is a common scam that has nothing to do with city governments. If you ever get an email that claims you have an overdue parking ticket, don’t trust it. Don’t delete it, either. Instead, you can download the WinIt app and check your license plate number to see if you have any outstanding tickets. As long as you have the app installed, you’ll get notifications any time a (real) ticket is written for your car in the city of New York.

Whether you think your parking ticket was a scam or just bad luck, you can try to fight it at no risk with WinIt. Simply download the free app, enter your license plate number, and we’ll get to work contesting any parking tickets associated with your car on your behalf. You won’t owe us a dime unless we win your case, in which case we only take a small fee out of your returned parking fine. WinIt saves you the hassle of going to court, helps you avoid late fees, and can save you hundreds of dollars. WinIt users have already avoided paying over $1,500,000 in parking fines. Try it today risk free.

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