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Parking Signs

5 of the Most Confusing Parking Signs Ever


You’ve found the perfect parking spot right in front of the restaurant you’re heading to. You can’t believe your luck, until you check the parking signs. After ten minutes of reading and re-reading, you still have no idea if you’re allowed to park where you are. And in the time you spent desperately trying to decipher the sign, a meter maid snuck up behind you and gave you a ticket.

Indecipherable parking signs are among the most frustrating invention known to mankind. Here are five of the craziest parking signs we’ve ever seen:

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Oh good, you can park here for an hour if it’s between 9am and 4pm. Except you can’t park here at any time of the day and night. Yes, those bottom signs are temporary, but couldn’t the people in charge have placed them over the usual parking signs? And couldn’t they find a single sign that said no parking any time? If you accidentally park here during that fateful 6pm to 10pm window, will you end up with two separate tickets? Madness.


Is it supposed to be convenient that if you’re a resident with a permit, you can park on one side of this street from 11pm to 8am? Only serious workaholics can take advantage of a schedule like that. And what’s with the white boxes over the arrows? It seems like someone messed with this sign for their own dastardly enjoyment.


Imagine showing up at this parking spot at 9am. Leaving your car here between 8am and 10am without a permit is like playing a game of parking Russian roulette.


This one is just plain mean. Whoever set this sign up has a sick sense of humor.

StreetSigns-153394-Cluster of street signs shown on a post on the northwest corner of King and Bay St shown in Toronto, Friday, January 2, 2009. (Aaron Harris/Toronto Star)

The awful thing about this set of signs is that you know there is a time that you can park here legally. There must be! Otherwise the sign would just say “No Parking Any Time.” But how can you possibly figure out when you’re safe? The signs certainly aren’t going to help you. No one can.

If you live under the reign of terrible parking signs, rest assured that you have an ally in WinIt. WinIt is a free app that lets you contest parking tickets in New York City (and soon many other cities) at no cost or risk to yourself. Simply sign up for the app and enter your license plate number. The nice people at WinIt will monitor your plate for any new or existing tickets and do everything they can to contest your tickets on your behalf.

There’s no risk to try WinIt. You’ll just pay a small fee out of your returned parking fine if you win your case. Plus, even if you lose, you’ll have an additional 30 days to pay your ticket, so it’s win-win.

As long as you have the app, WinIt will monitor your license plate number for you, so if you get a ticket that blows away or gets lost, they’ll send you a notification about your ticket as soon as it’s written. No more phantom tickets that start accruing late fees out of nowhere.
When you get a parking ticket, don’t lament the unfairness of the world. Instead, get WinIt to start your fight. You’ve got nothing to lose.


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