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Parking Tickets

New Yorkers Paying $550M in Parking Ticket Every Year.

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New Yorkers pay about $550 million in parking tickets every year. That amounts to about 10 million individual citations, the most of any city in the country.

When you think about how few people actually own and drive their own cars in New York City, that’s a huge burden being placed on each driver (a fact you’re probably already well aware of if you’re one of those drivers).

Even if you get just one parking ticket per year in NYC, that ticket could cost you up to $515. Most tickets will run you between $65 and $115, and they can be nearly impossible to avoid if you drive your car regularly. Arriving just five minutes late to refill your meter will land you a $65 ticket. If you accidentally park in a commercial zone, that’s $115 out of your pocket.

The costs of parking in the city are downright unfair, and when you do get stuck with a ticket, you have very little recourse. Contesting a parking ticket in NYC is a terribly annoying process which includes filing a request for a hearing within 30 days of receiving the ticket. Then you have to actually go to court and make your case before a judge. This is a huge hassle that can cost many New Yorkers even more money due to the work they miss. And keep in mind that if the process isn’t resolved before your ticket is due — even if you filed within 30 days — you’ll also be subject to late fees.

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Fortunately, now there is a better way.

By far the easiest way to contest a parking ticket in New York City is with WinIt, a free app. Just download the app to your phone and enter your license plate number. Completely free of charge, the people at WinIt will do everything they can to contest your ticket for you. When all is said and done, you’ll only owe WinIt a small fee if you win back the money from your citation.

WinIt can also monitor your license plate for you and alert you when you get a new ticket. This lets you take action right away and does away with the problem of lost tickets.
WinIt has already saved NYC drivers over $1,500,000 in parking citations. There’s absolutely no risk to try WinIt. You’ll save time and stress, and you could win back a lot of money. Download the app and give it a try today.

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